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2022: Building a new foreign policy


The world is going through an exceptional and unprecedented situation. It is time to overturn the old and outdated precepts, to rethink International Relations, the future of the Western Pole, the role of the United States, Euro-American relations, the Union's action in the world, the strategic interactions between the Member States, as well as France's foreign policy. We can take a fresh look and lay the foundations for a new foreign policy.   

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the West has been satisfied with an illusory status quo. The neo-conservatism that prevailed in the United States during the terms of George W. Bush had the ambition to assert an invincible American power, reigning the world. This doctrine has helped to reveal, on the contrary, the weakness of the United States. The use of a strong military capability does not lead to a decisive victory and the West remains distraught, faced with the new challenges that are imposed in International Relations. The European Union is always confused in its approach to soft and hard power. It is still trying to build its foreign policy model, but the challenges are catching up with it and the urgency requires making choices.   

To act, it is essential to build a strong doctrine, anchored in the realities of thetwenty-first century. By dint of running from crisis to crisis, of improvising uncertain and ephemeral theses, of pretending to confront the ruthless reality of action without having time to think about the foundations of our role in the world, we have lost the structure of European and Western influence. Europe is building a strategic vision, but it has proved too indeterminate and is now struggling to take the necessary decisions. Without clarification of the Western model, it is very likely that the Union will persist in its hesitations. The worst-case scenario may begin, a dark period may open in International Relations, war threatens the balance of the world. Only a renovated, creative and attractive Western pole will be able to counter these perils and include in its fight, all the benevolent powers. To succeed, the West must break with its temptation to rush and needs to engage in an indispensable doctrinal project.   

Florian BRUNNER                                                                                                                                                         

President of the Think Tank Europe & Democracy

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